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We have a full line of chipboard products, custom designed, and laser-cut: word books, shape books, and embellishments. We also have scrapbook and stamping tools, decorative glue/ink refill storage and accessories.

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Unhinged Creative products are sold wholesale so you can find us in your local scrapbook store. If you don't find us there, please ask your retailer or contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.
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Unhinged Collections

#Creative Products for Creative Minds!
Unique Scrapbooking and Art products, storage solutions, and more.
For the model hobbyist and professional alike, Unhinged Creative offers innovative and compact storage units that keeps what you need at your fingertips.
We have specialized carousel containers for those listed below:

  • Citadel ®   |
  •  Reaper Master Series ®   |
  •  Testors Paint ®   |

  • P3 ®   |
  •  Vallejo ®   |
  •  Model Master ACRYL ®  

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Design Gallery

Make Something Cute

Angel Hawks talks about using Unhinged Creative products, displaying various unites and demonstrating their practicality for the avid scrap booker.

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If you have ever wondered if you needed something to hold your stickles, here is a testimonial that talks about how much joy this product has brought to one woman’s life.